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Our Approach to Web Design and Development

When it comes to your business's online presence, having a web site is just the first step. Effective design, promotion, Search Engine Optimization, and integration with Social Media are all vital components to your overall online presence. We can take you through this whole process; even if you don't know how to turn on a computer, we'll put it all in plain english.

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SEO - Getting Found by Search Engines

A good designer can design you a sharp looking web site, but getting to the top of search engines and driving traffic to your site is an entire science unto itself. For best results in getting noticed, search engine optimization must be part of the actual architecture of your web site, not added later as an afterthought. This is the advantage we can offer: we're not just the designers, we're also the SEO specialist. We will build search engine optimization into your site from the beginning and then provide on-going support to give you the best search results possible, thereby driving more traffic to your killer-looking web site.

Personal, Custom Design

Custom DesignEvery one of our web designs is a custom design. We do not use pre-made templates as some designers do. What this means for you is that your site will be custom designed based on YOUR needs and your unique Brand. Whether you need just a simple site to get your point across, an online store to sell your products, or a highly interactive experience to WOW your audience, we will create a whole online strategy that is uniquely you.

Services that we offer include:

Web Portfolio
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Genetic Technologies, Inc.
Genetic Technologies, Inc. is an independent, full service and multi-accredited DNA forensic science company focusing primarily on the testing and evaluation of forensic evidence as it relates to human identification. Visit site

The Mantel Group
The Mantel Group® is a New Jersey-based global financial services consulting firm offering a unique blend of broad business expertise and financial technology experience.Visit site

Providence North
Providence North is a builder of high-quality, affordable homes in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.Visit site

Safaris Made Simple
Safaris Made Simple is an independent travel agent specializing in Customized African Safari Vacations.Visit site

DivaFit is the largest and leading studio offering pole fitness classes and pole dancing lessons in Northern Virginia. DivaFit promotes a safe, women-only environment geared toward helping you feel stronger, sexier, and more confident while having fun doing a full-body workout that will keep you coming back for more.Visit site

MidSouth Alternative Investment Association
The Mid-South Alternative Investment Association (MSAIA) is a non-profit association of hedge fund managers whose purpose is to promote industry development and understanding among money managers, investors, service providers and academics in the MidSouth U.S. region. (This site is currently under development)

Mira's Travel Network
Mira's Travel Network is a growing network of independent travel specialists who specialize in exciting destinations such as Africa, the French Alps, Club Med, India, Nepal and European River Cruises.Visit site

Ms. Lioness
Ms. Lioness is a joint-venture between FineWines.com and Safaris Made Simple.

Savoie Ski Tours
Savoie Ski Tours is an independent travel agent specializing in ski vacations in the French Alps.Visit site

The Healing Word of God
The Healing Word of God is an inspirational four CD audio series which combines beautiful, original background music and soothing nature sounds with carefully selected scriptural passages designed to stir the soul and begin the process of healing.Visit site

Connie Wetzell
Connie Wetzell is a full time, professional voice over artist, author, speaker, producer and an engaging communicator with a full service audio production company, Connie Wetzell Creative Enterprises, Inc.Visit site

Genetic Technologies, Inc.
On-Track Entertainment is song-writing consulting firm committed to helping songwriters and independent artists achieve their true potential.Visit site